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Early Phase


Our Early Phase consists of:


NURSERY (3/4 year olds), RECEPTION (4/5 year olds) and YEAR 1 (5/6 year olds)  


We see these years as essential to a child's early development.  Making the transition from learning through play to learning through exploration and inquisitiveness enables them to be successful learners moving into Middle Phase.  We put a strong focus on Phonics as we want all our children to have secure phonic skills by the end of Year 1 and a passion for reading - if they can read, they access the curriculum and the world! 



The Nursery Team are:


The Reception Team are:

Year 1

The Y1 Team are:

Miss Hockett (Year Team Leader), Mrs Merrison, Mrs Da Silva, Mrs HutchinsonMrs Goonetilleke (Year Team Leader), Mrs PatelMiss Marriott & Mrs Koumourou

Nursery hours are:

8.40am-11.40am SUN Class

12.40pm-3.40pm MOON class

 Miss Chadha & Mrs Mehta Miss Green, Miss Jacobs & Mrs Mehta
 Miss Wilson & Mrs SheanonMr Sakaria (Year Team Leader)

Miss Trevett & Mrs Sheel


Reception hours are:

8.30-8:35am Be in the playground

8.40am Registration

11.15am Lunch

3.00-3:10pm End of day

Miss Robinson & Mrs Redpath


 Y1 hours are:

8:35-8:40am Be in the playground

8:45am Registration

11:30am Lunch

3:00-3:10pm End of day



Who else teaches in Early Phase?


The Early Phase Team are also well supported by Miss Scarlett (HLTA), Miss Khimani (HLTA), Mrs Lloyd (Phonics Specialist), Mrs Bhanot (Resources Assistant). Mrs M Patel and Mrs Woodgate are the Senior Teaching Assistant who provides additional support and interventions across the phase. Mrs Creamer (Deputy Headteacher) and Mr Patel (Assistant Headteacher for Early Phase) works with the Year Team Leaders. Miss K Patel teaches PE.  Miss D Hirani (Learning Mentors) works with children to develop social confidence and support any emotional needs.


Please visit our our Contact Details page if you would like to get in touch with us.

The Early Years Curriculum aims to create a love of learning through exploration, creativity and to develop inquisitiveness, whilst teaching and developing core skills of reading, writing and maths.  We believe happy, confident children will go on to be successful learners so our approach throughout Nursery and Reception is on developing independence, setting high expectations and challenging children, whilst having fun and developing a passion to learn about the world around us!


Read Write Inc (RWI) Phonics


Read Write Inc is our integrated phonics approach which develops children's confidence in reading, decoding, sounding out and blending to enable them to become great readers.  It encourages both creativity but with a consistent approach so as children accelerate through groups, they continue to make progress.  We split Reception and Year 1 into 10 smaller groups from the four classes to enable children to make rapid progress.  Children sit a Phonics Screening exercise in June.  Any children requiring further support by the end of Year 1 will receive it in Y2.

Forest Schools

A big focus in Early Phase is linked to FOREST SCHOOLS.  We are developing our own Forest School on site and over the coming years are looking to develop our own forest area and vegetable growing section. Mr Patel is this leading this exciting project for us.


EYFS Learning Journal




All children attending Nursery and Reception have a personal on-line Learning Journey which records photos, observations and comments. These are in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, to build up a record of your child’s experiences during their time with us.


Each child in Nursery and Reception has their own secure Tapestry website, which you have access to. The benefits in using an online system includes secure access to your child’s Learning Journey. In addition to viewing our contributions, we encourage parents/carers to add to it by uploading photos and comments, or commenting on observations made by us.