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 For those parents/carers with children accessing Google Classroom (or GC as we call it!), it is especially important to be clear on: 

  what your child can and can’t do online 

  • where they can use the internet 
  • how much time they can spend online 
  • the sites they can visit 
  • the type of information they can share


Agree with your child when they can have access to a mobile phone or tablet – it is a good idea to set appropriate times so they are not using their devices late at night and you are ensuring they still get enough sleep! 



Google Classroom is a secure platform which only children on roll at Priestmead Primary School can access. This stops external risks being presented to children. For example, nobody can pretend to be someone else and communicate with the children as the password and accounts are controlled through us. Names of children making comments are displayed too, with no option to delete comments. Within Priestmead Primary School, we know families and staff reinforce the importance of e-safety and good behaviour choices, but we know children do make mistakes.  As comments can be monitored by our staff during term-time, we always know what is being said and by who. 



In each classroom, there is a stream that children can comment on. They can ask questions of their friends and staff from Priestmead Primary School, but they unable to create new “posts”. For instance, they can comment on an assignment that has been posted to them if they need help or guidance on what to do next. 


This way they can use Google Classroom as a safe place for them to communicate with their friends. It will reduce the need for them to use more open social media sites and a staff member is able to monitor all communication through Priestmead Primary School. 



We understand this is a different way or working so if you having any issues or have a query about Google classroom, please have a read of the Google Classroom Parents/Carer guide. If you would like further support, you can speak to your child's class teacher. Alternatively, you may call the school office between 9:00am and 3:00pm and we can try and resolve this for you. 



As we are using the internet and online services more now than perhaps ever before, this is probably, therefore, a good time to remind ourselves how important is its to keep safe online.

For e-safety information click the links:



National Online Safety