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Reading At Priestmead


‚ÄčAt Priestmead Primary School, we are always striving to promote reading for pleasure. Thanks to our Priestmead team, our library is the perfect place to dive into a book. Overall, our aim is to develop our students into able readers who have the skills they need to read independently by the time they leave us and who read books because they love to! If we can achieve that, we know we’ll have made a holistic difference to their life-long learning.


Pupils are encouraged to read for pleasure and develop a life-long love of reading through practices such as:  reading partners, quiet reading time, engaging story times, reading challenges and working through recommend reads for their year groups (see the Reading Tube Maps towards the bottom of this page) .  


To promote a love of reading at Priestmead, we:

  • Create class libraries (book corners) which are inviting, well-organised and contain a range of quality texts

  • Have daily story time sessions (class readers)

  • Encourage author visits

  • Celebrate reading with awards in our celebration assemblies

  • Provide weekly timetabled library sessions 

  • Work closely with the local library (Kenton Library) and Harrow Library Services

  • Hold regular parent workshops

  • Set reading challenges

  • Provide a ‘book swap shop’ in the summer term. 


In Early Years, pupils learn to read accurately and fluently through daily phonics in reception and year 1, following the programme, Read, Write, Inc. They read regularly to adults through Reading Practice sessions using RWI decodable books and continue to develop their confidence in reading through repeated practice of the books at home. These reading sessions are designed to support children develop their fluency, prosody and comprehension. Children are also exposed to daily phonics, story time, focused story time reading sessions and opportunities for additional reading/phonics throughout the school day. 


From years 3-6, children read as a whole class every day during English reading lessons (Destiantion Reader). Reading and writing are both taught using teaching sequences which involve choral reading as well as opportunities for the teacher to read aloud modelling expressive reading and for individual children to read aloud to develop their oracy skills and confidence. 


Pupils’ comprehension skills are formally assessed each term and statutory assessments take place in Reception, year 2 and year 6. Any pupil who is not meeting age related expectations is support through additional sessions, 1:1 reading or phonics, small group reading/phonics and booster classes. Throughout English sessions, pupils have many opportunities to learn and develop their reading skills and these are practiced and apply in other areas of the curriculum too.  


Destination Reader Years 3-6 


We are very excited about ‘Destination Reader,’ our approach to teaching reading.

The approach promotes collaborating and making talk a central part of learning.  Destination Reader enables all children to access real books of a high quality that are engaging and exciting while, deepening their understanding by unpicking extracts together. Its main focus is on the key reading strategies: inferring, predicating, summarising, evaluating, making links/connections and questioning which support comprehension skills.


Our aim at Priestmead is to foster and embed a LOVE for reading! Children do lots of reading and talking through their ideas (using sentence stems) about the extract with their reading partners and love the opportunity to explore vocabulary, build on and challenge each other ideas- creating a well-rounded understanding of the text.


Reading for Pleasure


At Priestmead we aim to promote and encourage children to want to pick up books and read. We want to drive the desire to want to read not only for academic advancement but also for pleasure. Sometimes as a reader we need support, encouragement and guidance to direct us towards books to choose. Books that will interest and motivate a love towards reading. As a parent, book recommendations can support your role in doing this. Below you will find guidance to help you guide and support your child with their reading.


Top Tips for parents-click here 


Reading Tube Maps

Follow the line of your favourite author and it will offer suggestions of similar authors you might like to try, see below.


Reading Roads

Choose a type of story you enjoy and follow the road.  The books progress in level of challenge from Key Stage 1 to the end of Key Stage 2 as you follow the road, see below.

Take a look at our Destination Reader Skills and Learning Stems -you can use these at home too.



Find free eBooks online on oxford Owl- tailor them to your age book type and book band!












Suggested books for children, advice on how to read with your child, book lists, fun games, competitions to win free books, Children's Book Club etc.






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