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What is the Rainbow Resource Village?


Priestmead is proud and fortunate to have a very modern and well-equipped facility catering specially for the needs of children on the Autistic Spectrum.  The Rainbow Resource boasts a sensory room, kitchen area for life skills, its own outdoor learning area and classrooms that enable the children to learn in small groups and have their own safe areas to explore.  The Rainbow Resource can take up to 12 children.


Inclusion in Mainstream


Children from the Rainbow Resource are on roll in the mainstream school as well as in the Resource. They have a place in a link class within their year group and access lessons according to their own personalised programme. Children usually go into their mainstream class regularly for a subject they are confident and happy with and this is adapted as necessary in accordance with their needs. Inclusion into the main school also takes the form of the mainstream children accessing the resource, modelling good relationships and communication for the children to learn from. The children in the Rainbow Resource also benefit from access to and use of mainstream areas, such as the hall and playground for PE and the ICT suite for ICT lessons.


The Learning Environment


At Priestmead we have paid close attention to developing a learning environment that is tailored to the needs of the children with ASD. We have created a safe but challenging environment for our pupils in the following ways:


  • Use of calming colour
  • Non-intrusive lighting
  • Focus on visual clarity with visually defined working areas
  • An organised physical structure, with designated areas. When a space has multiple uses the current use is made explicit for the learner
  • Class, group and individual working areas
  • Specialist rooms, e.g. soft play, sensory, quiet time and multi-purpose room
  • A low distraction teaching environment with a reduction of displays and items on offer
  • A separate play area used according to the individual needs of the children


The Rainbow Resource Team:


Ms Callender - Deputy Headteacher for Inclusions

Miss Boghani - SENDCo 

Mr Tobing -  Green Class Teacher

Mrs Kerslake - SENCO/Lead Teacher/Orange Class Teacher

Mrs Siva - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bala - Teaching Assistant

Miss Heffernan - Teaching Assistant

Mr B - Teaching Assistant


Please visit our our Contact Details page if you would like to get in touch with us.



Green class is mainly for children between Reception to Y2, although depending on the numbers of children in the resource, this is a flexible approach.



Orange class is mainly for children between Y3 to Y6, although depending on the numbers of children in the resource, this is a flexible approach.



  • Sometimes I might need objects, pictures, photos or symbols to help me understand.
  • Give me time to understand and process your words.
  • I don’t always understand your facial expressions and I can take things literally.
  • I might have difficulty with my senses, noises, smells, sights and vibrations can upset me.
  • Rather than just saying no, please tell me what I am doing wrong.
  • Think about why I am upset. There is always a reason. This might be the only way I can tell you that something is wrong.
  • I may have difficulty making friends and communicating with others.
  • Always try to include me, I like to laugh and have fun, but sometimes I may find this difficult and do not want to join in.
  • Please try to tell me when there is going to be a change.
  • I may be unpredictable when I get distressed. Please stay calm.
  • Try to reassure and redirect me. I will need lots of adult support.
  • Don’t always take my comments personally. It’s good to keep a sense of humour.
  • You are part of a team so you can share your worries with other people that know me.
  • It’s good to have high expectations of me and give me opportunities to join in.
  • You are a special person and so am I. Please have respect for me.
  • Accept  who I am. Work with me and do not try to change who I am.
  • Be supportive and non-judgemental of my family and me. They know me best.


Our Curriculum


Children in the Rainbow Resource will follow the National Curriculum, however this will be tailored to meet their individual needs, focussing on communication with practical, functional and meaningful learning situations. Our children may do this as part of a class, in a small group or individually either in the resource or in mainstream.


It is our aim to provide the children with access to a curriculum similar to that in Priestmead Primary School. Where appropriate, modifications will be made to help children participate in all areas of the curriculum and learn effectively from their experience.


ICT is taught as an integral part of the curriculum framework as well as a stand alone subject. Children in the Rainbow Resource will have access to lap tops, an interactive whiteboard and a class computer. They also participate in a weekly ICT session in the main school ICT Suite.


The children are given carefully monitored access to the internet for information and research. We use a wide range of educational websites to support daily teaching and learning in other subjects. We also have other programs such as Writing with Symbols and Communicate in Print, which are a sign and symbol program to enhance children’s understanding of written information, as well as a way of conveying information to those children who are not yet able to read.


How we aid learning


The emphasis in The Rainbow Resource, is on a child centred approach to learning. We aim to start with the experience of each child, and then use this to develop their confidence and interests in all activities they partake in.


We will provide visual and sensory experiences to encourage and assist learning.


It is our aim to motivate the children to learn using their interests when possible to attract them and maintain their concentration.


Evidence For Learning

Within our Rainbow Resource we use an online platform called Evidence for Learning which enables our staff to evidence, assess, review and plan for the individual needs of our pupils. 

It supports an inquiry-based approach to education and provision, and allows staff and our parents to gather photo and video evidence, linked to the individual’s EHCP outcomes. Our staff amend and add to these goals over time in order to respond to a learners’ ongoing needs and development.


All evidence gathered is automatically organised by the app which shows how individual learners access the curriculum and how teaching is being personalised to support that learner’s needs. Evidence captured is shared with our Rainbow Resource parents who can discuss what their child is learning, furthermore our parents can capture and submit their own evidence to reflect the learner’s development and experiences at home and outside in the community. This has shown invaluable collaboration and has been powerful at showing where learning and knowledge is beginning to be generalised.


To access Evidence For Learning you will be required to download the Evidence For Learning Family app, and speak to Mrs Kerslake about your account. 


A Typical Day

A typical day in the resource would be as follows:

8:40 - Reading

8:45 - Good morning / SALT 

8:50am - Guided reading

9:15am - Maths

10:15 - Assembly 

10:30 - play time

10:45 - Literacy

11:40 - Science / History/ Geography / PE

12:15pm - Choosing

12:30pm Lunch time

1:25pm - Good afternoon 

1:30pm - Mainstream 

2:30 pm - Social Skills, Attention Austim, Lego Therapy / Six Bricks (Interventions)

3:00pm - Choosing

3:15pm - Home time