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Pegasus and his Learning Superheroes


We can all find learning tricky at times.  However, if we learn how to be better learners, we can apply our skills and change the world for the better!


It's time to meet the team:

Trier enjoys learning. She is not afraid to make mistakes and perseveres with her learning even if she finds it difficult; she never gives up! She has eagle eyes and notices details which help her to move her learning forward. Trier likes to be challenged and enjoys taking risks. She gets really absorbed in her learning and even her best friends can’t distract her because she can manage her distractions. Trier is a resilient learner.



Reflector is a planner. Before starting a task he thinks carefully about: what he needs to learnobstacles in his way and what he needs to do to be successful. He monitors his learning and isn’t afraid to adapt things to make them better. Reflector can look back on his learning, tell everyone how he learned and pick out the most important parts to use again. He is a reflective learner.





Sorcerer is a problem solver. He thinks things through really carefully and asks a lot of questions; he's learnt how to find answers from a wide range of sources. Sorcerer likes to imagine what the outcome might look like when he starts something so that he knows what he is working towards. He takes a step by step approach to learning and links what he has learned before to new learning. He is a resourceful learner.



Collaborator loves to learn with other people but she can also see when it is best to learn on her own. When working in a group, she encourages everyone to have a role and tries to understand how other people feel. Collaborator likes to watch and listen to others and imitate their successes. Collaborator uses reciprocity in her learning.

She is a reciprocal learner.