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Our Local Stakeholders

Who are the Local Stakeholder Group (LSG)?


The Local Stakeholder Group (known as the LSG) are a group of Associates who focus on Priestmead.  They look at what is happening in our academy, our community and ensuring The Pegasus Partnership Trust (TPPT) are doing their best for all the stakeholders of the Welldon community.


Priestmead Primary School

Hartford Avenue




Our Current LSG Members:


Chair of the LSG: Divya Benning

TPPT Board Associate & Safeguarding Associate: Paula Morgan

LSG Parent Associate: Divya Benning, Attia Ladha & Pratiksha Patel

LSG Appointed Associate: Dominic English, Shohaab Dar & Vacancy

LSG Staff Associate: Emma Hewett, Shareen Chand & Nita Patel

Governance Professional to the LSG: Lucia Perdoni

Membership 2021-2022


Priestmead Primary School
Local Stakeholder Group (PPS LSG)
LSG Staff Associates (2/2) Voting Right Date of Appointment Term of Office Resignation/Term of Office Concluded Appointment 
Emma HewettYes 18/09/2019 17/09/2023  Staff Election 
Shareen Chand Yes 03/04/202004/03/2024  Staff Election 
Nita PatelYes21/02/202221/02/2023 Interim position
LSG Parent Associates (3/3)     
Attia LadhaYes 17/06/2019 16/06/2023  Parent Election 
Pratiksha PatelYes02/11/202202/11/2022 Parent Election 
Divya Benning
Yes 20/11/2020 20/11/2024  Parent Election 
Board of Trustee Associate (1/1)      
Paula MorganYes 10/06/202009/06/2024 Nominated by the Board 
LSG Appointed Associates (3/3)      
Dominic English   Yes 13/01/2020 12/01/2024  LSG Appointment 
Shohaab Dar Yes 04/03/2021 03/04/2025 LSG Appointment 
EHT (1/1)      
Sash Hamidi No Ex Officio Ex Officio  N/A 
Head of School (HOS) (1/1)      
Andrea Callender Yes Ex Officio Ex Officio  N/A 

Meeting Attendance 2021-2022


Divya Benning
Pintu Varsani
Vice Chair
Emma Hewett-ü-ü 
Shareen Chand x--- 
Nita Patel  ü- 
Attia Ladha    üüü- 
Pratiksha Patel  üü 
Paula Morganüüüü 
Judi Allen -    
Dominic English  üü-ü 
Shohaab Dar x-xü 
Micah McLean  x- 
Sash Hamidi üüüü 
Andrea Callendarüüüü 

Meeting Attendance 2020-2021