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What Does Maths Look Like At Priestmead? (Intent):

At Priestmead, we believe that Maths should be accessible to all children whilst maximising ability and academic achievement. By enhancing our children’s sense of curiosity, fluency and understanding of the subject, our children will be able to choose their mathematical approach to tackle a range of problems across the curriculum and beyond. Essential life skills obtained through our Maths curriculum such as financial literacy are fundamental for enabling our children to tackle anything that the future may bring. For us, Maths is an important and creative discipline that enables our children to be world changers. 


How Do We Do This? (Maths Implementation):

At Priestmead we teach Maths based on the National Curriculum using the Maths Mastery scheme ‘White Rose’.




As with everything at Priestmead we have worked hard to develop our own curriculum model and methods for teaching this important subject. The nine key elements below underpin the teaching and learning of Maths at our school:

Each element is not seen as a separate entity but are interlinked to form the implementation of our Maths curriculum. Our children are constantly encouraged to use their collaborative and independent learning skills. Through quality first teaching by using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods in our daily lessons our children are able to deepen their understanding and use mathematical vocabulary to articulate their thinking.

How To Support Your Child At Home:

There are lots of ways to support your child with their Maths learning at home.


WHITE ROSE MATHS Do you ever look at your child’s maths homework and think, 'hmmm that’s not how I used to do it at school.' Want to find out more about how maths has changed? Then look no further! White Rose Maths are putting together a series of videos for parents and carers to show you how maths looks in primary schools today.